MINI NINJA (3 1/2 - 4 1/2 years) - 50 min

Give your furniture a rest and bring your son to Mini Ninjas! This class is for high energy boys who enjoy jumping, tumbling, and climbing while in a safe and fun environment! These youngsters will learn how to work well with others and improve their fine and gross motor skills, such as hand eye coordination while learning basic "Parkour" techniques.


PRE-NINJA (4 1/2 - 5 1/2 years) - 50 min

Pre Ninja combines coordination and agility to strengthen upper bodies and improve overall fitness and conditioning. MEGA is the perfect outlet for your crazy "Ninja!"


NINJA (Kindergarten+) - 50 min

Ninja is for boys interested in improving their Super Powers! They will learn skills in tumbling, flipping, precision jumping, vaulting, and more! Your "Ninja" will also improve his coordination for other athletic endeavors by taking this class.


NINJA FLIPS (Ages 10+) - 75 mi

If you love to jump over things, you will love this class! Through the use of the parallel bars, rope, monkey bars, warped wall, spider wall, and the climbing net, students will improve their grip and upper body strength in order to perform appropriate and safe ninja skills


5802 Corporate Drive St. Joseph MO. 64507 In the Mitchell Business Plaza